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Joseph Everett, English physician, 1877-1905. See: Dutton disease, Dutton relapsing fever.
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Dutton said of the 51 students who first enrolled, 48 have remained.
On August 12, 2002, it notified Dutton he was riot entitled to relief from joint and several liability under sections 6013(c), 6015(b), (c) and (f) for 1986 and 1987.
The stellar chapter on Ben Jonson's use of censorship to legitimate his criticism in the epistle to Volpone shows us Dutton at his strongest, erudite and imaginative.
No official closing date has been set, but Dutton said he figures he'll be out by mid-March.
In advancing these arguments, Dutton carefully examines the form and context in which each work appeared; he also examines the same for the re-appearance of any of these works.
WASHINGTON - As a seventh-grader, James Dutton wrote NASA a letter asking how he could become an astronaut.
In 1961, when Judy and Davis Dutton started Dutton's bookstore on Laurel Canyon Boulevard just south of Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, in a space that previously had been a liquor store, they had so few books to sell that nearly every title was face out on the shelves.
To bookstore owner Dave Dutton, the letter from Macmillan Publishing that it would no longer accept his orders was just another sad sign of the increasingly beleaguered state of independent bookstores.