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surname of individuals in which syndrome was discovered.
Dusart syndrome - autosomal dominant disorder of qualitatively abnormal fibrinogens; causes inadequate lysis of fibrin with probable thrombotic tendency.
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High-speed silicone coating--the world record, achieved last year in Hamburg, was 1,610 meters per minute--requires, said Dusart, "just 0.7 of a second to prepare for adhesive coating.
specific fibrinogen abnormality (A alpha 554 Arg [right arrow] Cys) in two unrelated kindred, Dusart and Chapel Hill III.
The LOT values obtained for the Dusart and CHIII samples were 875 and 670 s, respectively.
Similarly, the known abnormal samples, Dusart and CHIII, fall well outside of this general range of probable normal values.
Then by the estimates in Dusart (1999) and Robin (1983) there are at least two primes between k and n if n > 90000.
(30) By now she had thought of the idea of editing a new edition of Old English Songs, and Reynardson agreed that Charles Dusart's piano arrangements needed to be replaced.
"We are working with customers to help them manufacture robust products at the lowest possible cost," says Luc Dusart, Dow Corning pressure sensitive industry marketing specialist.