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Arthur E., English surgeon, 1834-1895. See: Durham tube.
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It took Chris Juby, Director of Worship at King's Church in Durham, England, exactly three years and three months to complete his mission of reducing every single chapter of the Bible to 140 characters, the New York Daily News reported.
The officer said the address in Durham, England, which the defendant wished to stay if released on bail was unsuitable as it was close to a mental health facility.
Survivors include a brother, James of Chester-Le-Street, County Durham, England; and two sisters, Catherin Davenport of Eugene and Ellen Edwards of Wingate, County Durham, England.
Tajik is still living in his home in Durham, England, unextradited.
Lord, 24, of Westboro plays defense for the Durham University team in Durham, England, while he pursues a one-year master's degree of science in defense, development and diplomacy from the Durham Global Security Institute.
A professional geologist with BSc and PhD degrees in geology from the University of Durham, England, Ken is currently President of Glendower International Limited, a Calgary-based firm that provides a variety of services to clients in the international oil and gas exploration and exploitation industry.
(2000) The Rogerley mine, Weardale, County Durham, England. Rocks & Minerals, 75 (1), 54-61.
In The Last Divine Office: Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries Geoffrey Moorhouse details Henry VIII's ruthless dismantling of the British monasteries in the sixteenth century by describing the last days of the Benedictine Priory in Durham, England. Henry enriched his treasury by the dissolution; he also caused immense social upheaval, the disruption of many lives, and fundamentally changed religious life in England.
Wright, the Anglican bishop of Durham, England. Titans of scholarship, they debunk the unvarnished schlock that often passes for historical Jesus research.
Dr Blackman-Woods, who works in the city of Durham, England, is the parliamentary private secretary for Defence Minister David Lammy.
Internationally, 25 schools in County Durham, England, are reaping the many benefits of ITWorx Education offerings and tools, and extending into an additional 60 schools.
Durham, England: aUAE's Young Talents Cricket Academy (YTCA) Under 18 team began their campaign for the Syndicate International Cup on a winning note when they notched up a four-wicket victory over hosts, Durham County Cricket Club at Longhirst Hall grounds.