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Arthur E., English surgeon, 1834-1895. See: Durham tube.
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"No," said the farrier, with bitter sarcasm, looking at the company generally; "and p'rhaps you aren't pig-headed; and p'rhaps you didn't say the cow was a red Durham; and p'rhaps you didn't say she'd got a star on her brow--stick to that, now you're at it."
"Then you needn't tell me who you bought it of," said the farrier, looking round with some triumph; "I know who it is has got the red Durhams o' this country-side.
Promptly at seven o'clock this same Monday morning they will every one of them have to be in their places at Durham's or Brown's or Jones's, each in his working clothes.
LUKE Doneathy proved the star of the show as Durham Under-17s secured a two-wicket win over Yorkshire at Weetwood in the Royal London Under-17s' County Cup.
You might recall singer Roger Whittaker crooning the words: "I've got to leave old Durham town /And the leavings gonna get me down." The song, called Durham Town, reached number 12 in the UK singles chart nearly 50 years ago in late 1969.
FOOD producers from County Durham are snapping up support to get their products to market.
Durham School for Girls Doha, described as Qatar's "first truly international British school just for girls" delivering a British curriculum while being deeply rooted in Qatari values and culture, has announced its opening in Qatar in September 2019.
Tribune News Network Doha Durham School for Girls Doha, Qatar's first truly international British school for girls delivering a British curriculum whilst being deeply rooted in Qatari values and culture, will open in Qatar in 2019.
I do not remember the substance of my conversations with Justice Durham about the terrorist attacks.
According to the affidavit, detectives have David Durham's passport in their possession.