Henri, French neurosurgeon, 1849-1921. See: Duret lesion, Duret hemorrhage.
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Under 20 junior Eve Duret of West Cheshire AC finished fourth in the ladies race in 31:27, ahead of club mates Kerry Riley (32:53), Ian Ackroyd (34:31), Phil Howe (35:38), Mark Povey (36:46), and Brian Beattie (40:50).
Pierre Duret, head of Clearing within BNP Paribas' DEC business, said that the solution gave it a 'strong capacity to industrialise a sensitive process and significant enhancement to quality controls for the benefit of our clients.
Younes Duret from Morocco has created a market in his country for contemporary design, interior, furniture and lighting.
Didier Duret, chief investment officer,ABN AmroPrivateBanking, said the chances ofChina entering a hard landing are remote amid considering the huge stimulus and coherence of policies put in place over 2016.
Edited by Christophe Duret and Christian-Marie Pons
It is a China driven macro panic," said Didier Duret, chief investment officer at ABN Amro.
Luxury goods will be in demand this year as an improving economic outlook in developed markets is also good for emerging markets," said Didier Duret, chief investment officer at ABN-AMRO Private Banking.
For the identification of the species, the following publications were consulted: Lane (1953), Lane & Withman (1951) for specimens of Culex (Microculex); Bram (1967), Casal & Garcia (1971) for Culex (Culex); Berlin & Belkin (1980), Duret (1950), Casal et al.
While staying overweight in equities,Didier Duret, chief investment officer at ABN AMRO private banking, said 2014 "will be a good opportunity to … buy some good quality bonds as yields pick up above 3 per cent in the U.
Martin Chiffers has said that the high price is because of the ingredients that will be going in to make the pudding: a 200-year-old bottle of Duret 1810 Cognac for 10,890 pounds, a highly collectible gold Henry VI Salut d'Or coin worth 7,500 pounds will also be put inside the pudding, the Daily Star reported.
Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras, formerly Arts Umbrella, has announced new officers for its 2013-2014 board of directors: president is George Rode of Autohaus, Euro-Asian Automotive and Stadium Automotive; vice president, Thomas Thai, Wells Fargo Bank; secretary, Anne Duret, registered nurse at PeaceHealth.