dural venous sinuses

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du·ral venous si·nus·es

endothelium-lined venous channels in the dura mater.
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du·ral ve·nous si·nus·es

(dūr'ăl vē'nŭs sī'nŭs-ĕz) [TA]
Endothelium-lined venous channels in the dura mater.
Synonym(s): venous sinuses.
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Development of posterior fossa dural sinuses, emissary veins, and jugular bulb: morphological and radiologic study.
The difficulty of surgery depends on the involvement of vital structures such as the dural sinuses [13, 21].
Large arachnoid granulations are another potential pitfall, as they cause defects in the dural sinuses on digital or MR venograms.
Transverse dural sinuses: Incidence of anatomical variants and flow artefacts with 2D time-of-flight MR venography at 1 tesla.
This occurs when emissary veins between the scalp and dural sinuses are sheared as a result of traction on the scalp most often associated with vacuum assisted delivery, prematurity, coagulopathies, or prolonged labor.
Cerebral venous thrombosis, thrombosis of cerebral veins and major dural sinuses, is an uncommon disorder in the general population.