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Twentieth-century readings of Dura Europos tended to reflect and reinforce prevalent narratives of contending Occidental and Oriental civilizations.
The September 7 sale under this new regime will include jewellery, silver, Welsh gold, antique enamel signs, slipware pottery, paintings and this single-owner collection of late 19th century Ashford black marble pietra dura, pictured above.
Birmingham-based Thomas Coulborn & Sons is bringing a remarkable collection, priced at 175,000 [pounds sterling], of 23 highly decorative pietra dura panels to Masterpiece London.
During 1975-2008, a total of 132 cases of dura mater graft-associated Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (dCJD), a fatal neurodegenerative disease caused by replicating, transmissible prion proteins, had been identified in Japan and accounted for >60% of patients worldwide with dCJD.
"The ideal dural substitute should prevent cerebrospinal fluid leaks, have strength and flexibility similar to human dura matter, present little or no risk of infection and not induce a severe inflammatory response," said Frederick F.
Dura was arrested in the UK after returning to the country, police said.
E-dura is named so after the dura mater, a protective sheath that forms the outermost layer of the spinal cord and protects the central nervous system.
VERDER UK has announced the new Verderflex Dura 55 peristaltic dosing pump is now available, reported to deliver over 20% more flow--the highest continuous and intermittent flow of any pump in its size category.
7 -- The Dura range can be installed in very confined spaces such as a dosing cabinet skid, retro-fitted in to pipework easily, and in any orientation thanks to the peristaltic action and close-coupling.
Soft tissue communications linking suboccipital muscle fascia and the dura and its role in cervical neuromuscular control have been examined recently.
Parts designed and made by DURA Automotive, such as gear changing systems and pedals, are subject to very stringent quality control, not least because they are in prominent locations and are visible to the driver, or are safety critical items, such as door and body components.