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They cover anesthesia and emergency procedures, hand fractures and dislocations, joints, wrist fractures and carpal instability, distal radius fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disease, nerve conditions, tendon conditions, flaps and microsurgery, Dupuytren disease, spastic condition, congenital hand disorders, and tumors.
Para comprender la importancia que tuvo en ese siglo, recordemos que, en 1803, se creo la Sociedad Anatomica de Paris (Societe Anatomique de Paris), de la mano de Guillaume Dupuytren y Rene Laennec, apoyada por el emperador Napoleon Bonaparte (Fig.
Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) technique was first used for diagnostic purpose by Dupuytren [1] and then a few decades later applied by Greig and Grey [2] for diagnosis of cause of lymphadenopathy.
French surgeon Jean-Nicolas Marjolin was the one that described for the first time this kind of lesion in 1828 [4], while Dupuytren was the first to use the name malignancy when concerning Marjolin's ulcer [5].
Interestingly, in other forms of fibromatoses, such as Dupuytren's contracture, injectable collagenase has been shown to be promising with a response rate of 45-65% [6].
"The treatment we're developing is focused on the major needs of patients with burns, keloids and Dupuytren contracture, a hand deformity," says Swaminathan Iyer, Ph.D.
Address for correspondence: Marie-Cecile Ploy, Laboratoire de Bacteriologie-Virologie-Hygiene, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Dupuytren, 2 Avenue Martin Luther King, 87042 Limoges CEDEX, France; email: marie-cecile.ploy@unilim.fr
Dupuytren's contracture (DC) is a benign fibroproliferative disease that affects the palmar fascia.
In the hand region, limited joint mobility (9.5%), carpal tunnel syndrome (9%), trigger finger (3.8%), and Dupuytren's contracture (1%) were found more frequent as compared to controls, while in shoulder region of diabetic subjects, adhesive capsulitis and tendonitis was found in 10.9% and 9.5% respectively as compared to 2.5% and 2% in controls.
In Paris in 1834, Baron Guillaume Dupuytren * (1777-1835) described the basics of anatomy and surgical treatment of palmar fibromatosis, which was later called Dupuytren's contracture after him [11].
Literaturde dupuytren kontrakturu cerrahisi sirasinda, kol uzerine turnike uygulanan ve sonrasinda turnike bolgesinin altinda paralizi, kozalji semptomlari ve otonomik degisikliklerin oldugu bir vaka bildirilmistir (10).