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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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As a result of such growth, many abattoirs were created because the meat needs of people are on the increase and more waste dump sites were generated.
The government had warned the dump site, which was supposed to be temporary, was unsafe.
The leftover rubble will be used to construct a breakwater, creating a barrier between the dump site and the new Abu Rouh Port, according to Saudi.
He explained that cutting the tyres into smaller pieces reduces their bulk, making the Kupferberg dump site which has an estimated life span of 20 years, more sustainable.
Santo Anza Jr., 51, of 25 Reservoir St., who operates the alleged illegal dump site at 429 Whitney St., was indicted by a Worcester County grand jury Wednesday after an investigation by the Massachusetts Environmental Strike Force.
Sunday's poll was called after Tashima announced his resignation as mayor on April 4 to seek a voter mandate for his controversial move to seek documentation research to check whether the town is suitable as a potential dump site.
Dear Editor, - The latest safety scare over the nuclear dump site at Drigg in Cumbria (a mere six miles from the controversial Sellafield plant) reveals that yet another site presents a nuclear hazard.
According to the court's examinations last summer, concentrations of dioxins in water discharged from the dump site were within national water safety standards.
Garbage litters most of metropolitan Manila as authorities grapple with the unenviable task of finding a dump site for the many tons of rubbish generated by the capital's 12 million residents.
As expected, the dump site had the highest concentration of contaminants, but the hobbyist beekeeper's hives, surprisingly, had higher readings than those at the second Army site.
Phillips has since persuaded the state legislature to toughen laws about dump site locations.)