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Referring to an elongated tubular or cylindrical structure—in particular a tumour—with terminal expansions
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Kristian Dabak and Yasmin Dumbell from Miss Orr and Miss Collins' Reception Class at Faith Primary, Everton
Andy Dumbell, managing director of Control F1, said: "We're delighted to have been named a Little British Battler."
Acting vice-principal David Dumbell said: "Aidan was a lovely lad and it was such a tragic, tragic loss.
"This is our busiest year yet," says Douglas Eglin, who, along with Glen Dumbell, owns Puschka.
KPMG joint administrator Paul Dumbell said: "Our overriding objective is to ensure that work on the majority of the live private development sites is able to continue in order to maximise value in the interests of all the creditors."
He appeared at Cardiff Crown Court for hitting a woman across the head with a metal dumbell bar at a party and has previous convictions for arson, assault and criminal damage.
The screaming victim then had his hands pulverised with a dumbell.
I'm using a dumbell to make the work more exacting and I rode out this morning without any bother."
Marcy Chrome Dumbell Set, pounds 49.99 High quality dumbells comprising 2 dumbell handles plus 12 discs (plates) in various weights which can be used in various combinations, making the set suitable for beginners to advanced.
(2.) Cockburn WC, Cross RM, Downie AW, Dumbell KR, Kaplan C, Mclean D, et al.
UCP's most famous product is the Dumbell spanner and it sells almost pounds 1 million of cycle parts and accessories a year.
The hysteresis loss was determined according to ASTM D412 (1980) by stretching dumbell specimens to the desired strain level.