Dumbbell Tumour

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A nonspecific term for any of a number of usually benign tumours which grow on either side of a central constriction or confining band of fibrous tissue
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A case of dumbbell tumor of the superior mediastinum removed by combined thoracoscopic surgery.
Solitary osteochondroma presenting as a dumbbell tumor compressing the cervical spinal cord.
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Schwannomas of the lumbar region were treated with posterior laminectomy/laminotomy, extended with facetectomy, or even a transpeduncular approach in selected patients with dumbbell tumors.
Five dumbbell tumors of the cervical tract (various locations from C3 to C7) were resected using an anterior-lateral approach [8] (Figure 1).
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A bony constriction at the foramen gives them an hourglass shape, being described as dumbbell tumors [3].
Although different classifications for dumbbell tumors of the spine have been proposed, none is sufficient to determine optimal surgical planning in view of recent advances in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques [9].
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