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An irregularly weighted hollow-tipped bullet that tumbles on entry into the body, causing massive tissue destruction, by adding a rotational component to its trajectory
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The "evil dum-dum bullet" argument does get used by prosecutors and plaintiffs' lawyers alike, whether out of deception or cluelessness.
For as little as pounds 450 he can supply an untraceable .22 hunting rifle along with devastating dum-dum bullets that would blow a man's head off
Police found three Skorpion submachine guns, two Valtro pistols and ammunition including 57 dum-dum bullets when they searched his home last May, following a tip-off.
Yesterday, it was discovered that the twisted 32-yearold may have laced the dum-dum bullets he had bought for the gun with poisonous pure nicotine.
In a cloakroom they found a quantity of expanding ammunition with hollow points, commonly called dum-dum bullets which explode on impact.
Four-year-old Finn was blasted with dum-dum bullets as he attacked the man at Bern Park Zoo in Switzerland, right.
The ammo included some hollow point dum-dum bullets - banned by the Hague Convention.
The officers also found a quantity of illegal hollow-point ammunition designed to be used with a pistol and to expand on impact, otherwise known as dum-dum bullets and seven round of .45 pistol ammunition, also designed to expand on impact.
-SELLS on the black market for pounds 200 - which includes three dum-dum bullets to inflict fearsome wounds on a victim.
Ramsay Scott was caught with two pistols, parts for an assault rifle and ammunition including dum-dum bullets in his bedroom.
The former public schoolboy had two pistols, a submachine gun barrel, other gun barrels and live ammo, including dum-dum bullets.