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Pierre L., French chemist, 1785-1838. See: Dulong-Petit law.
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14th of April that I received a telegram from Lyons which informed me that Holmes was lying ill in the Hotel Dulong. Within twenty-four hours I was in his sick-room, and was relieved to find that there was nothing formidable in his symptoms.
Leon Victor Rosete, Nueva Ecija police director, said Mario Legaspi, 49, and Edwin Pestano, 42, shot it out with police officers in Barangay Pamaidan, Cabanatuan City and Dulong Bayan, Quezon, respectively.
Leon Victor Rosete, director of the Nueva Ecija office, identified the slain drug suspects as Mario Legaspi, 49, of Barangay Pamaldan, Cabanatuan City and Edwin Pestano, 42, of Dulong Bayan, Quezon town.
(65) Melanie Dulong de Rosnay and Pierre Carl Langlais note in their study on the Wikimedia Influence (2017) that the States which were the first to adopt this exception, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, have enacted a broad freedom of panorama.
We started with Alugbati Salad in bagoong vinaigrette with salted egg and crispy dulong. The greens also had pansit-pansitan as well, which often grows wild.
The approach to, and departure from, thermal equilibrium has been the subject of countless studies by Fourier [35], Dulong [36], Petit [36], de la Provostaye [37], and Desains [37] (see [38] for a full review).
Es necesario anotar que la nocion de testimonio, para hablar de los multiples registros en primera persona que aparecen en la novela, es en si misma problematica a la luz de una teoria del discurso testimonial (Melich, 2001; Dulong, 2004; Agamben, 2009; Ricoeur, 2010; Suarez, 2016).
Chen, "An Investigation on sub-region classification method of TM image in Dulong river basin," Remote Sensing Information, vol.
Whether it manifests itself through the creation of antagonistic commons and decentralized architectures (Dulong de Rosnay & Musiani, 2016), the plea for platform cooperativism (Scholz, 2016), or the renewal of the century-old tradition of worker unionism (Terranova, 2014), questions of property rights, governance, compensation, and accountability forcefully come to the fore.
Fish biodiversity and its distributional characters during winter in the Dulong River basin, Yunnan, China.