Duke activity status index

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Duke Activity Status Index

Cardiology A measure of a person's functional capacity based on a 12-item questionnaire that correlates with peak O2 uptake during exercise testing
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Duke ac·tiv·i·ty stat·us in·dex

(dūk ak-tiv'i-tē stat'ŭs in'deks)
A questionnaire used to estimate the subject's activity status and functional capacity in the absence of a stress test.
[Duke University, U.S.]
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The Duke Activity Status Index in patients with chronic kidney disease: A reliability study.
Physical functioning was measured using the Duke Activity Status Index (DASI), and mental status and vitality using the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form--36 items (SF-36).
1992), the Duke Activity Status Index to measure physical functioning (DASI, 12 items) (Hlatky, Boineau, Higginbotham, et al.
Participants also self-administered a questionnaire version of the Charlson Comorbidity Index and the 12-item Duke Activity Status Index questionnaire, used to assess symptom severity and functional status.
In our outcomes data warehouse, a key used for analysis purposes was the patient DASI (Duke Activity Status Index) rating.
On average, the women had lower functional capacity as measured by the Duke Activity Status Index, had significantly more cardiac symptoms, and were taking significantly more cardiac medications, Dr.
Physical activity was measured by the Duke Activity Status Index. Energy / fatigue and mental health were measured by Rand scales; and depressive symptoms were measured on the Burnam screening scale, said Dr.