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Duke understands that plants and the human body are connected by nature's innate intelligence, having evolved together for millions of years.
Anyway, we thought it prudent to pull the rap sheets of those responsible for ``The Dukes of Hazzard'' movie.
Along with the Duke card, the revamped dining program has been Pietrantoni's baby, and represents about one-fifth of Duke's $100 million, total-cost-recovery auxiliary unit.
In steering Duke Power on its diversification course, Rick Priory--then president and COO--was in hot pursuit of supplies of natural gas.
The "habit" and instruction supplied by Friar Thomas, for example, are requested by the duke so that he "may formally in person bear / Like a true friar" (1.
Duke is merely the latest in a long line of politicians who counted on dragging the worst out of voters.
Executives participating in the new Successful Outsourcing & Offshoring Strategies program will have an opportunity to engage expert faculty at Duke and experienced executives who will address reorganizing, restructuring and leading the outsourcing program office.
It's an issue guides are asked about endlessly: No, Duke never came to embrace Islamic faith; she was simply intrigued by the aesthetics of its art.
A permanent staff of about two thousand persons including camerieri (chamberlains), footmen, a personal cupbearer, a personal carver, kitchen stewards, and stable masters waited on the duke and duchess in their principal residences in Milan, the Castles Corte d'Arengo and Porta Giovia (now Castello Sforzesco), while a more select staff accompanied the royal couple on excursions to their other castles in the realm.
Founded in 1972, Duke Realty Corporation develops commercial real estate in strategically selected markets by leveraging the expertise of local sales, construction and operations professionals.
In a measure of how much talent Duke possessed, they assigned a true freshman (Chris Duhon) to shut down USC point guard Brandon Granville, and it worked marvelously.
USC gets another look at Duke in the East Regional championship today at 4 p.