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Louis A., U.S. dermatologist, 1845-1913. See: Duhring disease.
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Also, these new shares were placed with Catpen A/S, Brancor Capital Partners ApS, Klaus Zwisler and Jean Duhring, the existing shareholders in Rovsing.
"It is all about optimizing supply chain," Stefan Duhring, global head customer order management and member of the Digital Competence Team at Hamburg Sud, told LatinTrade.
(9) "Criticando Duhring, [...] Engels disse: 'E, certamente, a linha hegeliana das porcoes de medida na qual o simples aumento ou a simples diminuicao quantitativa determinam, ao chegar a um determinado ponto, um salto qualitativo'"; "O metodo dialetico entende que os processos de desenvolvimento nao se devem conceber como movimentos circulares, como uma simples repeticao do caminho ja percorrido, mas como movimentos progressivos, como movimentos em linha ascensional, como a transicao do velho estado qualitativo a um novo estado qualitativo, como a evolucao do simples para o complexo, do inferior para o superior" (STALIN, 1945, p.
Kligman, "The Duhring chamber: An improved technique for epicutaneous testing of irritant and allergic reactions," Contact Dermatitis, vol.
The method is based on the Duhring rule, which enables a relationship to be made between the internal average temperatures of each heat exchanger of the chiller, the strong and weak concentrations of the system (at the same vapor pressure) and the solution saturation temperatures by using a linear equation with slope B and intersection Z, expressed as Equation 1:
We should also take into account a much later text, the three chapters of Engels's 1878 Herr Eugen Duhring's Revolution in Science, which were published two years later as the famous pamphlet, 'Socialism: Utopian and Scientific'.