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surname of the patient in whom this antigen was first found in 1950.
Duffy antigen - may be related to resistance to malarial infection.
Duffy blood group
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The Blue and Whites picked up where they left off before half-time, Dubois going over for his second try of the game with Duffy taking the score to 44-0.
"It was a tiny little guy, and I was kind of shocked, but he was basically asleep," Duffy said, guessing it was a male.
On a lark after graduation, Duffy joined the cast of MTV's "The Real World: Boston," one of the earliest reality-TV series.
Duffy was born in Worcester to the late Daniel and Catherine (Senecal) Geronimo.
Duffy had a record of drug offences and of a serious sexual offence against a male, Mold Crown Court heard.
But they have decided not to proceed against Duffy - claiming there is not enough evidence a crime had been commited.
Paul Duffy is also accused of directing dissident republican terrorism.
Zimmerman, whose lab was studying the mutation in the DNA sequence of Duffy blood group gene.
Grammy and Brit-awards winner Duffy stars in new film Patagonia, about the journeys of two women.
Duffy had claimed in his sting that he had taken an " oversized bag containing a remote detonating unit capable of setting off 200 explosions" through the police cordon outside Nehru stadium.
Judge Rupert Mayo told Duffy: "You have been sent here by the magistrates' court to be sentenced for a very serious campaign of terror which you rained upon your former partner and mother of your fiveyear-old son."
Meredith, her parents, and her little brother, Grant, found Duffy along the sands of St.