Augusto, Italian dermatologist, 1860-1940. See: Ducrey bacillus, Ducrey test.
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Marina Ducrey, long-time curator of the foundation, and her successor, Katia Poletti, devoted years to producing an exemplary, in-depth catalogue raisonne of Vallotton's work.
Neisser and Ducrey, who isolated the causative agent of gonorrhea in 1879 and chancroid in 1889, and Wassermann, who established the serological test for syphilis in 1906 provided their inputs on this subject.
Bertrand Ducrey, Debiopharm CEO, said, 'The purchase of IMGN529/Debio 1562 from a pioneer in the field of ADCs represents a strategic investment leveraging our expertise and track record in Oncology and supports our strong commitment to deliver targeted therapies and precision medicines to help patients suffering from severe diseases.'
(4.) Borruat FX, Vuilleumier P, Ducrey N, Fankhauser H, Janzer RC, Regli F.
L'Europe en automobile: Octave Mirbeau, ecrivain voyageur, a collection of essays edited by Guy Ducrey and Eleonore Reverzy in 2009, considers La 628-28 as a literal vehicle for cultural transformation.
The herb is rich in polyphenolic compounds such as flavonol-3-O-glycosides and ellagitannins (Hiermann 1995; Ducrey et al.
Os temas, abordagens e problemas principais da historiografia militar da Grecia antiga foram passados em revista por Raoul Lonis e Pierre Ducrey, em artigos ja classicos.
Karin BEaAncklund, Director, Global Sponsorship and Brand Partnership Volvo Car Corporation, Michel Masquelier, President, IMG Media, Stewart Hosford, CEO, Hugo Boss Sailing, Richard Moore, CEO, Capitalize, Mark Turner, CEO, OC Group, Clifford Bloxham, Head of Athlete Representation, Octagon, Knut Frostad CEO, Volvo Ocean Race, Jim OEoACAOToole CEO, World Match Racing Tour, Maria Ferreras, You Tube, Head of Partnerships, Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Pierre Ducrey, Head of Sports Operations, International Olympic Committee
Chancroid may also be spread to other anatomical sites by auto-inoculation, a clinical feature first demonstrated experimentally by Ducrey in 1889 [1].
Actes du colloque international organise a l'occasion du 60e anniversaire de Pierre Ducrey (Lausanne, 20-21 novembre 1998, ed.
Guy Ducrey, whose mighty work, Corps et graphies (Paris: Champion, 1996), casts its glow over this book, has chosen the title, 'Dialogues sur la danse et dialogues de danseuses 1900-1930' suggesting that he is stepping beyond his late nineteenth-century area of specialization into the modern era.