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Sir Dyce, English physician, 1840-1928. See: Duckworth phenomenon.
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Even the hardiest of them heartily disliked the turn and the man, although Duckworth, and Duckworth's Trained Cats and Rats, were an invariable popular success.
Manuel Fonseca, the contortionist, exploded in the bar-room of the Hotel Annandale, after refusing to drink with Duckworth.
In the eyes of the audience this apparent impromptu was always the ultimate scream, and the laughter and applause would compel the curtain up again to reveal Duckworth and an assistant stage-hand, as if caught by surprise, fanning the two belligerents with towels.
Mr Duckworth and his wife, Catherine, bought the shop on Abergele Road 30 years ago after he had a spell working in retail with the Co-operative Society.
KEI NISHIKORI wins a high proportion of the sets he plays but given that the world number five plays his first match since withdrawing from Wimbledon with a leg injury, it could be worth having an interest on James Duckworth keeping it close against the Citi Open second seed in Washington DC.
Guy Duckworth, a 2004 MTNA Foundation Fellow and 2004 MTNA Achievement Award honoree, passed away January 27, 2015, at age 91.
John | |Kirkby, Duckworth, of Haweswater Close, Towerhill, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court in April last year.
But driver Paul Duckworth, 31, sped away while his passenger Mohamed Kabbar, 25, threw packs of drugs from the window and onto the hard shoulder of the M6 at Chasewater, near Cannock.
Aaron Duckworth distinguished himself as the Ground Safety and Traffic NCO while he managed 2476 confined spaces and led 15 units assigned to the installation confined space program team.
And so it is with Sam Duckworth, who has wisely been performing live and on record for the past decade under the mad moniker Get Cape.
FOR a decade, Sam Duckworth has existed under the moniker of Get Cape.
Set up by entrepreneur Amanda Duckworth, Your Entertainer produces and sells voucher books offering discounts and special offers in sectors ranging from food and drink to health and beauty.