duck walk

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duck walk

met·a·tar·sus val·gus

(met'ă-tahr'sŭs val'gŭs)
Fixed deformity in which the forepart of the foot is rotated on the long axis of the foot, so that the plantar surface faces away from the midline of the body, whereas the heel remains straight.
Synonym(s): duck walk, toeing out.
[meta- + G. tarsos, flat surface, sole, + L. valgus, bent]


, duck walk (dŭk′wok″)
To ambulate in a crouched position with the buttocks just above the heels.
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I don't have any plans, but I'm excited to enjoy the day," she said, waiting for the Duck Walk to begin.
Other drills include a straight-ahead "duck walk," which is simply walking with the knees bent at approximately 90 degrees, and a backward duck walk.
Straight body, hands on your waist, just bend and walk para masanay yung body mo while wearing heels,' the beauty queen said as she demonstrated the duck walk when she guested on ShowbizLIVE, Inquirer's first entertainment talk show, last Oct.
NOVICE IRELAND STRONGEST MAN COMPETITION Date: Monday 2nd May Venue: Drumragh Avenue Car Park and OASIS Plaza, Omagh PS: Free Five feats of strength including Duck Walk and Monster Tyre Flip.
Functional weight training means exercise that stimulates every muscle related to her activities for the pageant, like duck walk (define) for her walking, Bozu and core board to challenge her core endurance for activities that will require her to sustain the right form during pictorials and on the ramp," he said.
The University of Oregon will throw its graduation celebration today with a Duck Walk, three dozen school-level ftes and a brief speech by graduate Jefferson Smith.
Well I say it's rock 'n' roll that's kept me young, I still do the Chuck Berry duck walk on stage and it feels like 40 years ago, and like then I still love every minute of it.
THIS time last year we buried your daughter at Knockbreda Cemetery after her remains were discovered in March 2002 on Duck Walk in Carryduff, near the Lough Moss Centre.
They are doing the duck walk, lunging as they swing their hips as far as they can, left to right, left to right.