Duchenne disease

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Du·chenne dys·tro·phy

the most common childhood muscular dystrophy, with onset usually before age 6 years. Characterized by symmetric weakness and wasting of first the pelvic and crural muscles and then the pectoral and proximal upper extremity muscles; pseudohypertrophy of some muscles, especially the calf; heart involvement; sometimes mild mental retardation; progressive course and early death, usually in adolescence. X-linked inheritance (affects males and transmitted by females).
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Duchenne disease

Degeneration of the posterior roots and column of the spinal cord and of the brainstem. It is marked by attacks of pain; progressive ataxia; loss of reflexes, functional disorders of the bladder, larynx, and gastrointestinal system; and impotence. This disorder develops in conjunction with syphilis and most frequently affects middle-aged men.
Synonym: tabes dorsalis
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Guillaume B.A., French neurologist, 1806-1875.
Aran-Duchenne disease - Synonym(s): Lou Gehrig disease
Aran-Duchenne dystrophy - Synonym(s): Lou Gehrig disease
Duchenne-Aran disease - Synonym(s): Lou Gehrig disease
Duchenne attitude - paralysis of trapezius resulting in shoulder lowering on external rotation.
Duchenne disease - Synonym(s): (1) Duchenne dystrophy; - (2) progressive bulbar paralysis
Duchenne dystrophy - the most common childhood muscular dystrophy, with onset usually before age 6. Synonym(s): childhood muscular dystrophy; Duchenne disease (1); Duchenne-Griesinger disease; pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy
Duchenne-Erb paralysis - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
Duchenne-Erb syndrome - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
Duchenne-Griesinger disease - Synonym(s): Duchenne dystrophy
Duchenne paralysis - brachial birth palsy in which there is paralysis of upper arm and shoulder girdle muscles due to lesion of upper trunk of brachial plexus or roots of fifth and sixth cervical roots.
Duchenne sign - falling in of the epigastrium during inspiration in paralysis of the diaphragm.
Duchenne syndrome - subacute or chronic anterior spinal paralysis combined with multiple neuritis.
Erb-Duchenne paralysis - Synonym(s): Erb palsy
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cTnT increases have been observed in certain types of myositis such as sclerodermatomyositis and Duchenne disease [10], and in patients with chronic or acute renal failure [11-14] without evidence of ischemic myocardial injury with the TnT 1 assay.
In patients with Duchenne disease, increased values are significantly reduced with TnT 2 (Fig.
A more significant reduction of pathologically increased values with TnT 2 can be observed in the patient group of Duchenne disease, and the eight pathological cTnT concentrations of 33 samples are only marginally above the limit of 0.2 [micro]g/L.

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