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Victor, South African-English pediatrician, 1931–.
Dubowitz score - a method of clinical assessment of gestational age in the newborn.
Dubowitz syndrome - congenital dwarfism.
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e victim, who has Dubowitz syndrome and is just 5ft tall as a result, was walking in Swillington Road, Radford, at 12.30am on June 9 when he was targeted.
In addition, individual dysmorphic features are not unique to FAS and may be similar to those seen in other diseases, such as Williams syndrome, Dubowitz syndrome, and toluene embryopathy.
But unlike her classmates, Caitlin has Dubowitz syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes developmental delays.
Dubowitz syndrome is known to affect only about 200 people worldwide.
It is thought that Dubowitz syndrome is an inherited genetic condition or chromosomal mutation, but no formal test exists beyond the physical examination.
Funds raised will be used to raise awareness, increase research and advocate for more support for those with Dubowitz syndrome.
Now preparing for her first Boston Marathon, the West Boylston resident said when she reaches Newton's famed Heartbreak Hill, around mile 20 on April 21, her motivation won't be to say she simply finished the race, but that she did it for her niece, 7-year-old Caitlin Granger, who at 2 years old was diagnosed with the ultra-rare Dubowitz Syndrome.
Dubowitz Syndrome cannot be picked up on blood tests, it is diagnosed visually.
Some doctors think Dubowitz Syndrome is hereditary and that it develops when two carriers of the gene in question have children.
However, the charities recognized by the Boston Athletic Association do not include one currently dealing with Dubowitz Syndrome.
Bostek, instead, decided to run without a number and to look for an organization that either was doing gene research, or specifically researching Dubowitz Syndrome. She is now researching organizations that fit her criteria.