Jules, French optician, 1817-1886. See: Duboscq colorimeter.
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Pursuing a career-long obsession, Salvesen deftly explores the origins and impact of the stereoscope, featuring historic images by Jules Duboscq, Oskar Fischinger, Salvador Dal-, and others.
The company was co-founded by two experienced entrepreneurs, Eduardo Bruchou and Nelson Duboscq, who previously founded HSM (now WOBI), which was sold to Laureate in 2012.
maquisard will first step into Listed company on Friday when he returns to Pau for the Prix Camille Duboscq. should he match expectations with another big show, Cherel can plan for a first Cheltenham Festival runner with cautious optimism.
Interestingly, Phlebotomy duboscq, a vector of Leishmania species, contains high levels of a salivary protein (PdSP15) that inhibits the contact pathway [25] by binding to negatively charged polymers of endogenous origin--such as platelet-derived polyphosphates [2, 18, 26].
And I started to go to the gym with the European champion of breaststroke, Hugues Duboscq, under the supervision of his own trainer.
Los comparadores de color fueron disenados por Alexander Muller en 1853 y Jules Duboscq en 1854.
Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways' chief commercial officer, said: "This partnership with Avis EMEA gives Etihad Guest programme members the opportunity to extend their benefits from the air onto the ground when they plan their travel."Christophe Duboscq, Avis EMEA regional director for the Mediterranean, Middle-East and Ireland, said: "Partnering with Etihad Airways will enable us to deliver a more responsive and cost-effective service, combining efficiency in a way that is specifically tailored to meet each customer's individual needs." Copyright 2008 www.tradearabia.com
Of course, the contributions and impact of Donald Dexter Van Slyke, Stanley Benedict, and Otto Folin are prominently featured, as is the introduction of analysis by color comparison and the Duboscq colorimeter, invented by Jules Duboscq in 1870.
Et pour conclure cette semaine hongroise, Bousquet et Gilot se sont joints a Camille Lacourt et Hugues Duboscq pour remporter le relais 4x100 m 4 nages.