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(dōō-bôs′, -bō′, dü-), René Jules 1901-1982.
French-born American bacteriologist noted for his research on natural antibiotics, tuberculosis, and environmental factors in disease.
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The proceeds of the two sales would help the group improve its financial flexibility, CEO Jean-Francois Dubos said in a statement today, announcing Vivendia[euro](tm)s results for the first half.Country: MoroccoSector: TelecommunicationsTarget: Maroc Telecom SABuyer: Emirates Telecommunications Corp (Etisalat)Vendor: Vivendi SADeal size in USD: 5.6bnType: DivestmentStatus: Exclusivity
Vivendi General Counsel Jean-Francois Dubos will take over as head of the company immediately.
La antigua concepcion de salud entre los griegos, sin ir mas lejos, consistia en el perfecto equilibrio o mezcla de los humores o elementos constitutivos del cuerpo (Dubos, 1959).
With: Anh "Joseph" Cao, Kate Huang, Bryan Wagner, Jonathan Tilove, Winnie Brown, Clancy DuBos, Shane French, Feun French.
In this reprint from 1974, Dubos, author of So Human an Animal and The Torch of Life, discusses the essence of humankind and how it has remained basically unchanged since the Stone Age.
I wrote not long ago (Flannery, 2009) about another of my favorite classics on this subject, Mirage of Health by Rene Dubos (1959).
Synopsis: "Think globally, act locally." Microbiologist Rene Dubos' famous quote applies directly to Gallup's HumanSigma science: A business can achieve consistent performance improvement and sustainable growth when it focuses its energy on managing the employee-customer interactions at the local level.
The book includes a translator's introduction, translation of 31 letters (most of them by Gilson), extensive footnotes with helpful commentary, charming photos, a copy of a handwritten letter by Gilson and Gouhier, two appendices (one is "Gilson's Student Essay on Malebranche" with Sorbonne Professor Victor Delbos's corrections, and Fafara's commentary; the other is a 2 page "Portrait of Gilson" based on a conversation with Charles DuBos as found in Gouhier's unpublished "Notebook"), the original French text of the 31 letters and two appendices, an 18 page bibliography that includes archival materials, and a detailed, 10 page index of names and subjects.
In fact, many late nineteenth-and early twentieth-century consumptives had been prescribed ocean travel, even on sailboats, for the sake of its enforced suspension of activity and the supposed health benefits of sea air (Dubos and Dubos 26-27).
Francois Dubos of Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital in Paris and his colleagues warned.
Starting with Renee Dubos in the 1960s (Dubos et al.