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Alexander, U.S. ophthalmologist, 1858-1926. See: Duane syndrome.
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"My name's Duane--Jack Duane. I've more than a dozen, but that's my company one." He seated himself on the floor with his back to the wall and his legs crossed, and went on talking easily; he soon put Jurgis on a friendly footing--he was evidently a man of the world, used to getting on, and not too proud to hold conversation with a mere laboring man.
Jack Duane was from the East; he was a college-bred man--had been studying electrical engineering.
Duane did not even bother to keep back names and places--he told all his triumphs and his failures, his loves and his griefs.
There came no answer to it, however, and at last, the day before New Year's, Jurgis bade good-by to Jack Duane. The latter gave him his address, or rather the address of his mistress, and made Jurgis promise to look him up.
The building was on Duane Street, just off Main Street, and had been used for years as a law office by the old man, who had become too feeble and forgetful for the practice of his profession but did not realize his inefficiency.
Tom left his room on Duane Street just as the young night began to make itself felt.
Duane Noland, President and CEO of the Association of Illinois Electric Co-ops, was appointed to serve his first three-year term.
In 2010, Walgreens increased its presence in urban areas when it acquired the Duane Reade chain.
Guitar legend Duane Eddy will perform at the King's Theatre in Glasgow as part of a rare UK tour.
Just over six months later in September 2011 and on his birthday, Duane Stevens's wife, Jennifer, revealed to him that she was pregnant again.
HANDSWORTH-BORN Duane Henry flew in from Hollywood to teach pupils at his old school what it's like to be an actor on the world's No.1 TV show, NCIS.