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Abbreviation for Doctor of Science.


Abbreviation for:
decidual stromal cells
deep superior colliculus
Dental Service Committee
dextran sulphate cellulose
Director(ate) of Strategy & Commissioning 
Disability Services Centre 
DNA synthetic capacity
Doctor of Science
Down syndrome child


Abbrev. for Doctor of Science.
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The DSC law makes it an offence to breach the confidentiality of any statistical data; presumably this refers to statistical data that has been gathered by the DSC but not yet publicly reported.
PerkinElmer's new design of the DSC 8000 and 8500 represents a significant advancement in thermal analysis technology," said Richard Begley, Ph.
The DSC is the vehicle by which the Army Reserve will leverage SDDC's considerable expertise in deployment and distribution operations," Philips said.
The supply of core parts for other manufacturers creates a cooperative parts market, a market easy to access by companies that do not produce all the core the DSC components.
CENAMPS, the North-East Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonic Systems, helped to introduce DSC to its new investor.
The DSC architecture delivers simplified storage operations that enhance flexibility and expand availability.
2 Market Niches and Prospects for DSC in the Next Two to Five Years
The OV5610 comes at the right time because by 2005 the largest segment of consumer DSCs is expected to be in the 5-megapixel category, accounting for approximately 35 percent of the market," said Jason Liu, product manager at OmniVision.
launched its Q Series DSC devices with new "Tzero" technology.
The days of the computer specialist visiting DSC workstations are numbered.
CHICAGO -- DSC Logistics, an integrated logistics and supply chain management company headquartered in Des Plaines, Illinois, has announced several key transportation initiatives designed to expand the company's role as an industry leader.
DSC helps Seagate customers transform innovative product ideas into reliable storage-driven products.