Dry Lab

An educational exercise in which most of the hands-on components of a particular lab procedure are performed with the exception of those requiring the use of a sink and biohazardous disposal
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Its design includes a lab tower containing wet lab, wet lab support and office spaces for wet lab researchers, as well as a lower dry lab bar which includes workstations and offices for computational research groups.
Of particular concern is the possibility of contracting with an illegitimate "dry lab," which provides fabricated yet plausible testing results without actually analyzing the supplied material.
M2 EQUITYBITES-22 February 2010-HP and Tesco enter into agreement for roll out of HP ML1000D dry lab technology(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Photo kiosks, dry lab printing systems and other technologies are allowing chain drug retailers to offer their customers creative new photo options.
Speaking at the launch of APEX dry lab, Arif Khan, Area Manager Kodak (Near East) Inc.
The facility contains five different sections: a lobby, an office for the collection manager, a wet lab, a dry lab, and a storage room containing the cryovats.
The building's interior will include standard dry lab space with meeting areas and a 40-to-60 seat multi-media theatre for aquatic researchers and lake stewardships groups to connect via the Internet with other research colleagues at a distance.
The trainees then moved to a dry lab where they were given a step-by-step demonstration on the proper placement of external-fixation devices on simulated skeletons that mimic the feel of natural bones.
One of the biggest potential hazards is not poor method selection or even incomplete record keeping; it is outsourcing your lab oratory work to a "dry lab."
"Digital photo processing opens a host of opportunities to provide value to retail customers; new scalable and modular solutions like Kodak's picture kiosk and APEX dry lab are providing an easier point of entry and a faster path to profit for retailers.
C[pounds sterling]APEX is a totally new design in dry lab systems, designed to meet the evolving needs of retailers of any size in any channel.