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tym·pan·ic mem·brane

a thin tense membrane forming the greater part of the lateral wall of the tympanic cavity and separating it from the external acoustic meatus; it constitutes the boundary between the external and middle ears; it is a trilaminar membrane covered with skin on its external surface, mucosa in its internal surface, is covered on both surfaces with epithelium, and, in the tense part, has an intermediate layer of outer radial and inner circular collagen fibers.
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See eardrum.
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It has a cylindrical body of about five feet tall with an expansion in the middle section of about fifteen inches in diameter and a drum head of about nine inches in diameter.
After the drum head is dry and tight, students transfer and paint on the rawhide with acrylic.
Crowds were enraptured by the impressive Drum Head service which included a military brass band and male voice choir coming together.
As the piece unfolded, Cooper-Moore kept an insistent rhythm going with some deft drumstick work on his two drum heads, even beating on the metal rims of the heads to get a metallic effect.
kusanrin is a circular metallic object at the base of the instrument, while ida is a paste made from a tree sap and affixed to the center of the drum head. kusanrin and ida are believed to be emblematic of the sacredness of the gudugudu, setting it apart from the remaining members of the dundun ensemble.
There will be a raffle of a guitar belonging to Mark Griffiths and a memorabilia auction with a signed guitar plectrum from Shadows rhythm man Bruce Welch and a drum head signed by the Shadows percussionist Brian Bennett.
"Because the notes are patterned onto the same drum head, the vibrational modes of one note will sympathetically vibrate with another," Murr explains.
A 12.45pm Drum Head service in Centenary Sq will be followed by Beat [euro]e Retreat at 4.45pm.
First Minister Carwyn Jones will join members of the Armed Forces community for a public parade through Cardiff city centre today before giving a reading at a special Drum Head service to pay tribute to the huge contribution and sacrifice of the Armed Forces.
After attending an open-air drum head service for the troops, the Prince and Camilla beat a hasty retreat back into the air-conditioned Wales Millennium Centre, where Prince Charles presented veterans' badges to five members of the Dowlais Male Voice Choir who entertained crowds at the centre with their repertoire.
Unlike other Yoruba drums, this drum consists of leather strings, which connect its two drum heads and are pulled or relaxed to alter the surface tension of the drum head, thus making it possible for the drummer to generate different pitches and imitate the inflectional contours of the Yoruba tonal language.
Items up for grabs include a drum head autographed by Ozzy and his band, drumsticks autographed by Mike Bordin, lithographs and CDs signed by Ozzy, an autographed copy of Sharon Osbourne's soon-to-be-released book, and numerous autographed items from The Boston Red Sox, The New England Patriots, The Boston Celtics, The Boston Bruins, The Worcester Tornadoes, The Worcester Sharks and The New England Surge.