Drug Lord

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The head of an illicit, usually multinational drug procurement and/or distribution conglomerate (cartel), who maintains his/her empire by fear, murder and extortion, and finances the operation with via crooked accountants, money laundering, offshore shell companies and anonymous bank accounts
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Throughout his life the vicious druglord earned millions importing cocaine into Ireland - but in death he has stopped the citizens he terrorised from finding out exactly how much he had built up through his criminal empire.
A Caribbean druglord wants to flood American with free cocaine, and 007's out to stop him.
The interview, backed by a sworn affidavit, was conducted by author Graham Johnson and published in his latest book, Druglord.
Manila: A Filipino druglord has identified government officials and police officers who protected druglords in central Philippines, the complete list of which he will reveal in a senate inquiry on November 23, a lawyer said.
THE son of druglord El Chapo has been kidnapped by a rival cartel, prompting fears of an all-out gang war.
The media circus surrounding the prison escape and recapture of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a cunning peasant farmer-turned billionaire druglord of the famed Sinaloa Cartel, has captivated the world and, in many instances, glorified a vicious killer.
Harnick's home was one of six safe houses used by the gang - controlled by Liverpool druglord Christopher Welsh Jnr, 34, who modelled himself on Colombian baron Pablo Escobar.
Guzm[sz]n is considered the world's most wanted man and the "biggest druglord of all time".
The film opens in 1992 Colombia, with 10-year-old Cataleya witnessing the deaths of her parents at the hands of thug Marco (Jordi Molla) who are in the employ of druglord Don Luis (Beno Benites).
And, finally, last night: a druglord called D'Angelo knows how to play chess; the police still use typewriters and Tippex; Dominic West has sex with an angry woman who knows lots about pagers and cellphones.
Cronin was a former member of murdered druglord Marlo Hyland's gang.