Druggable Target

A protein class that has had drugs developed against it Examples Cell receptors, ion channels, enzymes—e.g., COX-2
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CytomX discovered and is developing CX-2029 in collaboration with AbbVie to potentially turn CD71 into a druggable target.
In combination with a recently constructed laboratory at expanded premises on the Oxford Science Park, the acquisition of Kinetic Discovery has effectively transformed Exscientia into a 'full stack' AI-driven drug discovery firm that can go from gene to clinical candidate for any druggable target selected, Hopkins claims.
Alfano et al., "The histone methyltransferase EZH2 as a druggable target in SHH medulloblastoma cancer stem cells," Oncotarget, vol.
Unfolded protein response to autophagy as a promising druggable target for anticancer therapy.
The dramatically improved survival data observed with G6PD inhibition support the concept that G6PD is a druggable target with consequence in cancer chemotherapy.
Supuran, Carbonic Anhydrase IX: A New Druggable Target for the Design of Antitumor Agents, Med.
Studies showed that p53 is a druggable target by several ways one of them through restoring the p53 wild-type pro apoptotic function.
The company's development team, and researchers led by Burton Dickey, M.D., Chair of the Pulmonary Department at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, are targeting a key molecule of this pathway as a druggable target that can be modulated to reduce hypersecretion of mucus.
"We thought PDGFR-B might be a druggable target in these FOXC2-expressing cells," Mani said.
They then used high-throughput computerized molecular screening and computerized drug design to reveal a druggable target site.
Targets that showed highly matched frequency (80% or more) with database for FDA approved drugs are druggable target. On the other hand, targets that did not show considerable degree of matching with the FDA approved drugs are considered as the novel target for new drug identification.
(4,5) The mutated and activated BRAF kinase (p.V600E) is also a druggable target and a specific inhibitor is now approved in Europe and the United States for use in firstline treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma.