Druggable Target

A protein class that has had drugs developed against it Examples Cell receptors, ion channels, enzymes—e.g., COX-2
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Aman Iqbal, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Proteorex, added, Through this collaboration, Proteorexs mandate is to turn USP15 into a validated druggable target for the treatment of neuro-inflammation.
Chair of the Pulmonary Department at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, are targeting a key molecule of this pathway as a druggable target that can be modulated to reduce hypersecretion of mucus.
We thought PDGFR-B might be a druggable target in these FOXC2-expressing cells," Mani said.
They then used high-throughput computerized molecular screening and computerized drug design to reveal a druggable target site.
This technique provides a quantitative read out of the actual genetic program occurring in the cancer cells, which allowed us to uncover relevant molecular mechanisms cooperating to promote tumorigenesis, and to identify possible druggable targets.
It is the ultimate goal of Insight Genetics to develop a robust sequencing strategy to extensively profile the TNBC subtypes and identify druggable targets and biomarkers predictive of responsiveness to various therapies.
The druggable targets should be amenable to high throughput screening, in silico analyses and other drug discovery methodologies, which in turn, will lead to innovative therapies.
The study compared mutations and protein expression in potentially actionable targets in 5,500 triple negative and non-triple negative breast cancers to find potential molecular differences between sub-types, as well as potential druggable targets for TNBC.
As pathologists, it is essential that we identify the subset of patients who have malignancies with druggable targets.