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The study of drug-related adverse effects carried out by pharmaceutical industries to suggest warnings or recommendations for product withdrawal.


(1) A state of heightened awareness, monitoring and reporting of potentially adverse pharmacologic events.
(2) The branch of pharmacology focused on detecting, assessing, understanding and preventing long- and short-term adverse effects of medicines.


(făr″mă-kō-vĭj′ĭ-lĭns) [″ + ″]
The analysis, detection, and prevention of adverse effects caused by medications.


n the monitoring of adverse effects of drugs and herbal remedies as they are used in the population. Also called
postmarketing surveillance.
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a drug safety research company, says, "Drug safety is front and center on the public health radar screen, and iGuard provides a unique, patient-centered solution in real-time.
More funding for drug safety is critical, but to adequately protect consumers, the FDA has to have the authority to require the drug industry to do the safety work," Vaughan said.
Phase Forward is a leading provider of integrated data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety.
In keeping with this vision, the FDA will create a new independent Drug Safety Oversight Board to oversee the management of drug safety issues, and will provide emerging information to doctors and patients about the risks and benefits of medicines.
The future of improved drug safety and value in health care relies on a drug regulation process that keeps pace with advances in technology and science.
In this report, the global pharmacovigilance and drug safety software market has been classified into four segments on the basis of functionality, namely, adverse event reporting software, drug safety audits software, issue tracking software, and fully integrated software.
Drug Safety Navigator, LLC (DSN) provides highly experienced global drug safety experts for Adverse Event Case Management, Medical Writing & Consulting, Benefit-Risk Assessments, & Safety Signal Detection for various pharmaceutical and biotech clients.
Nostrapharmus predicts that during the next 5-10 years drug safety operations will become almost completely commoditized.
Already this year, reform of China's drug safety system has taken place.
Groups such as Consumers Union criticized the plan, however, saying it fell short of the changes needed to overhaul the nation's drug safety system.
The information in the guidance, "Drug Safety Information-FDA's Communication to the Public," is intended to make emerging information on important drug safety issues available to the public and will facilitate patient and healthcare provider access to the most current information concerning the potential risks and benefits of a marketed drug.
This would include MedWatch reporting staff and Drug Safety Oversight Board staff.