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According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, there were three reported drug overdoses, the first about 1:30 a.
June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for Americans ages 25 to 64.
Clashes with the law, drug overdoses and charges of widespread use of hallucinogenic drugs like ecstasy have driven the all-night ``rave'' dance parties underground to cavernous warehouses and remote wilderness areas.
In response to the growing number individuals suffering from liver disease as a result of drug overdoses or interactions, rampant alcohol abuse and the worldwide hepatitis epidemic, HepaLife Technologies is developing the first of its kind artificial liver device incorporating the PICM-19H cell line, which has now been in continuous culture for over two years without presenting any detectable changes in hepatocyte morphology and function, a significant achievement.
Fifty Americans die a day from prescription drug overdoses, and more than 6 million suffer from prescription drug abuse disorders.
But a new study finds that the drug bible frequently gives incorrect advice on how to treat drug overdoses.
We are demanding greater access to Naloxone for overdose prevention, and working to eliminate stigma by treating drug overdoses like any other medical emergency.
Medtronic became aware in August 2003 that some users had mistakenly entered a periodic bolus interval into the minutes field, rather than the hours field, potentially resulting in drug overdoses.
Every year approximately 12,000 people die as a result of drug overdoses in the U.
For more information about prescription drug overdoses in the United States, please visit www.