Detection Dog

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A dog trained to identify by scent certain contraband materials—e.g., firearms, explosives, gypsy moths, chemicals used in arson, plants, currency/cash, illicit drugs, polycarbonate optical disks—bootleg DVDs—human remains, plant and animal tissues, etc.
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7) Labeling drug dogs as sui generis, (8) the Court has reasoned that drug dog sniffs are limited in manner and scope, less intrusive than an actual officer search, and reveal only the presence or absence of contraband.
A drug dog alerted officers to the presence of methamphetamine, and police subsequently found 8.
By expanding our drug dog capability, we can make an impact on the amount of drugs coming into jails.
The police brought a drug dog to a room containing the suspicious package in addition to 15 to 20 other pack ages.
This report would tell us whether the passenger was selected by the inspector or by a drug dog and would also give the passenger's race.
The chief constable's report singled out handler PC Littler and the labrador drug dog for the work they had done to bring dealers to book.
WHEN THE LOCAL drug dog shows up to sniff lockers, cars, and backpacks at Temple City High School in Southern California, senior Jonathan Huynh takes immediate notice.
With the help of a Medford Police Department drug dog, the officers found a pound of marijuana and more than $46,000 in cash.
This did leave short periods on both days where there was no drug dog present.
DRUG dog Alfie had a VIP visitor at his prison workplace yesterday.
British Transport Police officers set up metal detectors and used a drug dog at Birkenhead North on Thursday evening.
The nine springer spaniels, who were born on April 20, are the offspring of Erdington drug dog Taz and brood bitch Meg.

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