route of administration

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route of administration

[ro̅o̅t, rout]
Etymology: Fr, route, course; L, administrare, to serve
(of a drug) any one of the body systems in which a drug may be administered, such as intradermally, intrathecally, intramuscularly, intranasally, intravenously, orally, rectally, subcutaneously, sublingually, topically, or vaginally. Some medications can be given by only one route because absorption or maximum effectiveness occurs by that route only or because the specific substance is toxic or damaging when given by another route.

route of administration,

n the path by which a substance is taken into the body (i.e., by mouth, injection, inhalation, rectum, or by application). See also dosage form.
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Ethypharm is one of the world's leading drug delivery systems (DDS) companies that provides effective solutions to optimize the delivery of active molecules into the body.
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Drug delivery systems are mechanisms by which therapeutic agents are introduced into the body, and directed in a controlled way towards a target organ or site of action.
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Additionally, the impressive preliminary efficacy data support the intended benefits of sustained drug delivery systems compared to intravitreal injections.
Andrianov brings over 20 years experience in applications of polymers as biomaterials and drug delivery systems.

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