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Brand name drug companies have attempted to link greater intellectual property protections to increased pharmaceutical investments.
A Women and Health Protection report authored by Batt documents how patients' groups and voluntary organizations allow drug companies to operate disease--awareness and drug-promotion compaigns through public relations companies paid for by drug companies.
At first, HMOs bore the brunt, but after they loosened their coverage rules, the angry eye turned to drug companies.
The reimportation ban shields drug companies from having to charge market prices to socialized medical systems abroad.
Eleven of the world's most influential medical journals have taken a stand against drug companies.
Daughton envisions a "green pharmacy," in which drug companies take responsibility for the lifecycle of their products.
At a liver-disease meeting in Boston this week, scientists from two other drug companies described initial cell and animal tests of their own NS3 inhibitors.
The consumer caucus of this organization recently helped secure price freezes from three major drug companies.
Feminists publicized and politicized women's raw deal in bed decades before drug companies began researching their corporate solutions to the problem.
Since these regulations were introduced, over 2,000 drug companies have failed to satisfy the new criteria and their drug manufacturing licenses have not been renewed.
Researchers at the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center surveyed physicians about their interactions with drug companies.
ViiV Healthcare, a partnership between GSK and Pfizer, is latest to join ranks of AIDS drug companies offering price concessions for nation's hard-hit AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs); AHF AIDS drug pricing advocacy targeting Merck, BMS, Tibotec and others contributes to price cuts and concessions