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Arcadia said Thursday after the close that Verdeca, a joint venture between the company and Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp (NYSE:BIOX), has received approval from the Department of Agriculture for its HB4 drought-tolerant soybeans.
For farmers to overcome these challenges, they must embrace climate-smart agricultural technologies that include planting drought-tolerant crops and conservation agriculture.
Drought busters Square up to the sun and plant a gravel garden around a skeleton of drought-tolerant evergreens, such as lavender, ballota and cistus, interwoven with sun-loving perennials.
Climate change, long hot summers and conservation of water are all hot topics right now and gardeners, particularly in the south-east, will readily appreciate the benefits of tough, drought-tolerant plants.
The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) has recommended the use of drought-tolerant varieties and technologies to help farmers cope with the ongoing El Nino phenomenon.
Rice farmers were advised to plant rice varieties that are drought-tolerant because they can better survive the extreme climatic condition such as the El Nino phenomenon, she said.
Helping to care for drought-tolerant native plants in the garden and nursery
Agriculture Secretary Wasif Khurshid says the meeting discussed different suggestions for promoting high-value farming and high-efficient irrigation system, developing seeds of heat- and drought-tolerant varieties of crops.
Select drought-tolerant landscaping and opt out of an irrigation system to reduce your overall water usage.
The homeowner would like lots of color from easy-care, drought-tolerant plants that need little pruning and grow only 2 or 3 feet tall.
Choose native, drought-tolerant plants to reduce watering and, when you do need to water, always do it early morning or evening - never during the hottest part of the day.
As expected, transpiration rate response between the two drought-tolerant groups showed similar responses to declining soil moisture levels (Fig.