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A slang phrase referring to the assessment of discharge suitability criteria for a particular patient by testing arousal, level of self-sufficiency, cerebellar function—gait, ataxia, ambulation, and ability to understand discharge instructions
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"As local MP I want to do all I can to protect the interests of our community, Reading is one of the largest towns in the country and it needs its own driving test centre."
For the successful applicant, the costs of the seminar and the actual driving test shall be incorporated in the license fee, which shall be determined by the Head of the LTO.
New data from the DVSA (which is published every three months) has revealed the best and worst places in the country to take a driving test between April and December 2018.
A NORTH-EAST town has the highest pass rates for driving tests in the region, new figures show.
"There will be real anger in Callander about this refusal to keep the driving test centre open."
"This is very worrying because the driving test system is designed to make sure everyone has met a minimum standard so they are safe to drive on the road unsupervised.
The panel of auto industry experts, led by Matt Freeman, a consultant with HPI, forecast that rapidly advancing vehicle autonomy could see the demise of the driving test as the need for road skills and driving ability take a back seat.
The agency responsible for monitoring the vehicles' documents and conducting driving tests is manned by six motor vehicle inspectors altogether.
A BIRMINGHAM mother-of-eight has admitted paying an imposter PS2,000 to take her driving test for her.
The agency said the centre will close as "it is failing to meet the national requirements for the driving test".

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