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A slang phrase referring to the assessment of discharge suitability criteria for a particular patient by testing arousal, level of self-sufficiency, cerebellar function—gait, ataxia, ambulation, and ability to understand discharge instructions
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I hope next year that I will pass the driving test," he said.
He added: "No-one takes strike action lightly and we acknowledge the disruption to the driving tests for learner drivers keen to pass their test.
Changes to manoeuvre Currently, you'll be asked to demonstrate one of four manoeuvres on your driving test.
A Mr J Beene is the first person to pass his driving test, at a cost of seven shillings and sixpence -- that's Au22 in today's money.
We should also add things to the driving test that ostensibly make driving easier but act as a distraction to newbies, such as satellite navigation and cradleheld mobile phones used as navigation devices.
The majority of practitioners, 96%, were in favour of eye examinations being a legal requirement for those taking a driving test.
The young actress can be seen holding up the paper of her "Practical Driving Test Pass Certificate.
It is easier to pass your driving test in Oakridge - too easy in fact - because the town is so small, he said.
THERE seems to be a major problem over the Government's approach to driver education because nearly 54,000 motorists in the UK have penalty points on their licences even before their driving test.
TWO Birmingham learner drivers turned their driving test into one "L" of a marathon - by failing an incredible 40 times.
The draft also stipulated a change in the practical driving test, which is normally supervised by proctors for 15 minutes.

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