Driver Fatigue

Sleep deprivation-related fatigue in the driver of a motor vehicle
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Temporal separation was also compared with ORD in order to determine the effectiveness of TTC as a valid indicator of driver fatigue. Because of equipment malfunction, data were available for only 8 of the 9 participants.
A new hours-of-service trucking regulation designed to reduce driver fatigue and improve highway safety took effect last month.
"This new rule combines the best scientific research and real-world analysis to prevent driver fatigue," said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Annette M.
North Yorkshire Police have issued the warning after conducting a special study into driver fatigue.
In fact, driver fatigue is linked to as many as one in five accidents each year--more than drugs and alcohol combined.
Driver fatigue is widely recognized by government, industry stakeholders, and highway safety advocates as a serious highway safety problem.
The findings coincide with the launch of a new government campaign which highlights the devastating outcome of driver fatigue.
The goal of the present research programme was to find out how common driver fatigue is among New Zealand truck drivers and the degree to which they suffer from fatigue-related effects on their driving performance.
Although heavy travel volumes certainly play a role in the high accident rates, especially over busy three-day weekends, most experts agree that another factor is likely a cause--increased driver fatigue attributed to lengthy driving hours, lack of sleep, and the demands of holiday activities.
Highway patrol troopers may soon be able to put some science behind the testing for driver fatigue on the road.
The safety baffles protect against a variety of potential safety hazards, reducing equipment stress and failure and driver fatigue associated with unstable liquid movement in cargo tanks carrying less than a full load.
A federal appeals court on March 6 reversed a defamation verdict and threw out $525,000 in damages against "Dateline NBC" over a report on truck driver fatigue.

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