Driver Fatigue

Sleep deprivation-related fatigue in the driver of a motor vehicle
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In particular, the disruption of circadian rhythms caused by irregular work patterns and sleep deprivation that are common in long-haul truck driving can lead to serious driver fatigue and performance decrement (Ogilvie and Wilkinson, 1984).
Mercedes-Benz has developed an innovative driver support system, Attention Assist that is able to recognise driver fatigue at an early stage, and warn the driver that a break is called for.
She said that although driver fatigue was a factor in 100 fatal crashes each year, the figures highlighted in the study could be more representative of how widespread the problem of drivers sleeping at the wheel really is, due to the number of road deaths where police and traffic experts are unable to ascertain the cause of the accident.
The EZ-Steer[TM] system gives the operator the fuel and input savings of straighter rows while reducing driver fatigue.
Driver fatigue is hard to prove after a crash, so truckers often are cited for driving at unsafe speeds or making unsafe turns, said Officer Michelle Esposito.
Regardless of whether driver fatigue is caused by physiological or psychological factors, it is generally acknowledged that driver fatigue plays a role in crashes.
The product also improves productivity and profitability by allowing operators to work faster, reducing driver fatigue and extending work hours, even at night or in heavy fog.
This new rule combines the best scientific research and real-world analysis to prevent driver fatigue," said Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Annette M.
North Yorkshire Police have issued the warning after conducting a special study into driver fatigue.
In fact, driver fatigue is linked to as many as one in five accidents each year--more than drugs and alcohol combined.
Driver fatigue is widely recognized by government, industry stakeholders, and highway safety advocates as a serious highway safety problem.
The findings coincide with the launch of a new government campaign which highlights the devastating outcome of driver fatigue.

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