Driver Fatigue

Sleep deprivation-related fatigue in the driver of a motor vehicle
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Cause of the accident was said to be driver fatigue.
Sixtyseven people were killed in crashes on UK roads in 2016 when driver fatigue was a contributory factor.
Rear View Safety, a company involved in the sales and distribution of vehicle safety solutions, including backup camera systems, backup sensor systems, driver fatigue systems, mobile DVR's, and dash cameras, has launched the RVS-OP7 Optian 7 Driver Assist System with DVR.
Other changes to the Cactus range include the introduction of a more powerful 130bhp PureTech petrol engine and extra technology such as blind spot monitors, driver fatigue sensors and traffic sign recognition.
Safety features include autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, a driver fatigue monitor and speed sign recognition.
In order to prevent driver fatigue and reduce accidents, the FMCSA's HOS rules restrict the number of hours a driver may operate his/her vehicle.
The company has told the TLC it could provide general trip duration data to help monitor for driver fatigue.
The potential of using psychological stress, sleep deprivation and substances are the indicators of driver fatigue.
Neil Worth warns of the tell-tale signs of driver fatigue.
The RSA is advising motorists to watch out for any symptoms of driver fatigue, and pull in for a coffee and nap when necessary.
The round-the-clock operation of mine sites makes driver fatigue a very real problem, and rigid dump trucks are such large vehicles that the hazard drivers can potentially pose to an operation by losing focus during operations is particularly high.
As many families opt to travel through the night when roads are quieter, SEAT is highlighting the increased risk of accidents due to reduced visibility and the onset of driver fatigue, especially when driving on the Continent.

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