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Contextual behavioral science (CBS) is a system of assumptions, scientific values and methodical commitments which help drive theory and development to expand basic behavior accounts of complex behaviors in order to advance human well-being.
It could be argued that Freud increasingly turned to his death drive theory as his thinking reached its full maturity.
However, in the first new attempt by a woman to use Freud's drive theory to explain female development in well over half a century, practitioner Holmes presents a new hypothesis about the way girls use introjection in the case of parental figures to separate from powerful early objects.
Not confined to general theories, coverage includes examination of the relation between observing and becoming, learning theory and personality, perception, genetics and personality, self-actualization and drive theory, applications of theories of psychoanalysis, field theory in psychology according to Lewin, individual psychology, personality theory, and the phenomenological as analogy.