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Georges, English pathologist, 1873-1934. See: Dreyer formula.
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19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Diplomat , the nation's largest independent specialty pharmacy, has announced the appointment of David Dreyer to the Board of Directors on September 15, 2014.
Dreyer wonders why cells don't get lost as an animal develops.
On May 28, 1990, the National Organization for Women picketed in Annapolis to register its unhappiness over reports that upperclassmen at the Naval Academy had chained a female first-year student named Gwen Dreyer to a urinal.
Dreyer and Anthony Fritz, CFA as Associate Portfolio Managers to the GAMCO Global Opportunity Fund investment team, an open-end fund started in May 1998.
The company, founded by William Dreyer and Joseph Edy in 1928, invented Rocky Road ice cream in 1929.
Dreyer will focus on enhancing Outcome's scientific capabilities, providing post-approval strategy development for clients and exploring new products and programs.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Capitalizing on decades of individual experience and combined capabilities, a top-level team of real estate development, auction, sales and marketing specialists has formed Dreyer Real Estate Auctions.
Dreyer, a Dane, wasn't interested in costumes or battle scenes, but in creating a ``hymn to the triumph of the soul over life.
It was Bill Dreyer and Joseph Edy who created Rocky Road ice cream eighty years ago, giving it a tongue-in-cheek name to brighten people's days and offer hope in tough times.
Patti Dreyer said the new process has been working so well that the department no longer tracks the number of suspects booked under the express warrant procedure.
Dreyer as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer to its executive management team, effective Monday, September 20, 2004.
has promoted John Dreyer to senior vice president of corporate communications.