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In Great Britain, a surgical assistant whose primary duty is bandaging and dressing wounds.
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The Million Dollar Baby dressers met applicable voluntary standards when first produced, but a May 2009 voluntary industry standard, and subsequent revisions published in October 2009 and November 2009, requires that tip-over restraints be sold with the dressers.
The dressers were manufactured in Taiwan and the USA.
Consumers should immediately stop using and keep the dresser out of a child's reach.
But other buyers are maintaining a centuries-old tradition of giving dressers as wedding presents for sons or daughters.
Leslie Jones, who has been making dressers to order in Carmarthenshire for 50 years, said today's customers were media people in Cardiff and other professionals.
In the antique trade, a small dresser can cost more than a big one because of demand for dressers that fit into the smaller rooms of new houses.
Although most of the dressers that we see today date from the late 18th or 19th Centuries, the dresser has a history going back to life in the medieval hall.
Early references to dressers are found in the inventory of Grey Friars at Carmarthen (1539), and in the will of Dafydd ap Thomas of Uppington in 1603, though they were in use some time before this.
By the 19th Century even humble cottages were home to a dresser, being either practical, painted softwood examples in the kitchen or hardwood, polished dressers in the parlour.
The majority of dressers available on the market today date from the 18th Century.
Good examples of mid 18th-Century dressers realise between pounds 7,000 and pounds 10,000, and later 19th-Century pieces from pounds 3,000 to pounds 5,000.
FASHIONABLY FUNCTIONAL: Some Welsh dressers can even be traced to the area and family of manufacture