Fritz E., N.Z. neurologist, German by birth, also worked in U.S., 1926-1997. See: Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy.
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It was a foregone conclusion that the successor to Dreifuss would be a woman--the fourth in Swiss history to become a cabinet minister after Elizabeth Kopp (1984-1988), Ruth Dreifuss (1993-2002) and Ruth Metzler (since 1999).
One politician could not hide her disappointment at the news and has found herself at the center of a lot of negative attention, and for many the scapegoat for what some politicians have called the "failure" of her federal department to get a grip on health insurance costs: Interior Minister Ruth Dreifuss. In the wake of the announcement, Dreifuss is once again being pressed for answers as to why such hikes have become the annual norm and points to a combination of increased demands on health services and a failure to keep costs in check as the main reasons health coverage costs have exploded.
Ruth Dreifuss, Switzerland's firstever woman president, confirmed her much-anticipated resignation from the government at the end of the year.
In April Federal Councilor Ruth Dreifuss said that the Swiss universities are under construction: how can you say that?
In light of the June 2 results, Interior Minister Ruth Dreifuss has now called on the cantons to establish more counselling centers for women.
A number of government officials, notably federal Department of Home Affairs Minister Ruth Dreifuss, have agreed with this viewpoint, arguing that it is time to frame the debate on the revision of drug statutes around the individual, and not the state.
Swiss Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss also attended the ceremonies, but explicitly clarified there would be no official meeting with the Tibetan religious leader.
Swiss President Ruth Dreifuss said she was aware of the fact that the decriminalisation of marijuana was cause for concern on the part of many.
Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss recently disgruntled many Swiss when she announced plans to include state funded heroin on the list of new benefits to be added to the "Basics" which the Federal Council periodically reviews and revises.
Ndungane reiterated his accusations in response to President Ruth Dreifuss's statement that the Swiss government was not connected with any wrongdoing regarding South African debt.
President Ruth Dreifuss said the proposals would be taken into serious consideration when the Bundesrat convenes for the revision of narcotics laws which, according to a Bundesamt Speaker, will presumably take place by year's end.