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(informal) a vague sensation of muscle tension.

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Q. What about Vitamins? are they any benefits i can draw out of it that would be helpful for an allergy cases?

A. Nothing that I know about. Vitamins are essential to the normal functions of our body, but supplements of vitamins, aside from states of deficiency, generally haven't been shown to provide any benefit. Anyway, it's only general knowledge - if you have any specific question, you may want to be checked by a professional (e.g. a doctor)

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Q. I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had my NT scan and blood draw today. Iam using my Hubby user name here.I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had my NT scan and blood draw today. I doubt whether I am in a risky state because I read in medical journal that women with certain amount of risk go for second trimester screening and not healthy pregnant women. Is it so? Please clarify?

A. There's something called an integrated sequential screening. You have the NT scan and blood draw in your first trimester, and then go back for an additional blood draw in your second trimester. They then calculate a unified result and present the results in the second trimester. Several other sources mentioned that often a high risk based on the NT scan and the first blood draw will prompt a diagnostic test. Yes, women with low or acceptable risk go on for the second trimester screening.

Q. How do I draw the line between social drinking and alcoholism? Your answer will help my wife too. I had many dreams before marriage to be a good husband. Now since I am married, I am not able to convince her that my social drinking is almost nil. But my wife gets very paranoid about whether I will become addicted to alcohol. I have never gone beyond the limit. How do I draw the line between social drinking and alcoholism? Your answer will help my wife too.

A. hello,,if your drinking bothers your wife,why not stop?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MRFOOT56

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Rebecca remembers the drawing, and her father working at it, and the thought of it came upon her rather suddenly--and so, you know, she--"
The drawings," I answered, "require careful straining and mounting; and, in my opinion, they are well worth "
I was about to say that the drawings are well worth all the time and trouble "
But as she wanted to be drawing, the declaration must wait a little longer.
There was no want of likeness, she had been fortunate in the attitude, and as she meant to throw in a little improvement to the figure, to give a little more height, and considerably more elegance, she had great confidence of its being in every way a pretty drawing at last, and of its filling its destined place with credit to them botha standing memorial of the beauty of one, the skill of the other, and the friendship of both; with as many other agreeable associations as Mr.
Paston could ha' given me any light about the drawing o' the lots.
As the foreman of a spinning mill, when he has set the hands to work, goes round and notices here a spindle that has stopped or there one that creaks or makes more noise than it should, and hastens to check the machine or set it in proper motion, so Anna Pavlovna moved about her drawing room, approaching now a silent, now a too-noisy group, and by a word or slight rearrangement kept the conversational machine in steady, proper, and regular motion.
Allow me to retire--and let me thank you for the trouble you took to save my drawing.
She resented it by drawing her own conclusion from what he had said of the ladies and the musk deer.
Chairs were set with the aid of footmen, moving almost imperceptibly about the room; the party settled itself, divided into two groups: one round the samovar near the hostess, the other at the opposite end of the drawing room, round the handsome wife of an ambassador, in black velvet, with sharply defined black eyebrows.
He's in the same style as the drawing room and that's why it is he's so often here.
I'm to learn drawing this half; I wonder if I shall learn to make dogs and donkeys