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left occipitotransverse (position of the fetus).


Abbreviation for left occipitotransverse position.


left occipitotransverse (position of fetus).


abbreviation for left occipitotransverse fetal position.


A batch of a manufactured product–eg, chemicals, drugs, reagents, or specimen tubes, produced or packaged from one production run and simultaneously subjected to quality control testing

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Q. Is it true that alcohol has lots of calories? if so, then how can it be that people who are alcoholics are not all very fat?

A. Alcohol carries about 7 Kcal per gram. 1 gram of fat gives 9 kcal & 1 gram of carbohydrate gives 4 kcal. but vast amount of alcohol can suppress the need for food, so they can pass out every afternoon and forget eating. obesity is a better situation. trust me.

Q. Lot’s of time at home, too close to the fridge - any tips? I’m starting my 6 months-preparation period for my finals next month, which mean I’ll spend practically all day at home, in a dangerous vicinity to the fridge. I already lost 25 pounds that I rather not gain again. Does any one have any tips how to avoid the dangers of being at home so much? ?

A. If you are used to eat something when studying (like me…), try to move to healthier options – vegetables instead of snacks, water instead of coke etc. – it can save you a lot of calories. Good luck!

Q. i smoke a lot ! what syndromes should i expect to develop health wise?

A. the question should be- what i shouldn't expect... smoking causes those types of cancer: mouth, bronchi, lungs salivary glads. heart problems, plugged arteries..and thats just the start...here is a link that will tell you most of the risks involved:

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It means that Guinea and Mali face the horrible prospect of having to draw lots today to decide which one will play Ghana in the quarter-finals on Sunday, with the lots-draw loser going out.
Six senators, who have served for three years, will draw lots on June 23 at 10:00 a.
They should draw lots for grid positions and look at those few circuits which are conducive to overtaking and redesign those that aren't so that we are spared any more excruciating races like the first one of what promises to be a stunningly tedious 2010 season.
FARCICAL: Fans draw lots to see who gets on the flight; GROUNDED: Stuart; Gray, who won a competition to go on the team flight, is reduced to tears after giving up his seat to be with his family; LUCK OF THE DRAW: Jim Syme and daughter; Kirsten celebrate getting seats on the first flight
Wednesday's child is someone who seems to have a natural healing, soothing way, something that will draw lots of people around this wee one.
Sam's grandad Haydn said: 'The whole family is mad about the Bluebirds, so I can see us having to draw lots to decide who goes with him.
Staff at Sheffield's Birkdale School have had to draw lots to get one of the 790 tickets costing pounds 22.
It is hoped it will draw lots of nominations for the Monmouthshire Youth Council, a new body that will represent the voice of young people in the county.
183 allows candidates to draw lots to resolve ties during a canvass of votes, according to Bocaue election officer Deogracias Danao.