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drava (dräˑ·v),

adj in Ayurveda, liquid as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is sandra. See also gunas and sandra.
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Zeus took his tasselled aegis, all gleaming bright, and enfolded Ida with clouds, and lightened and thundered mightily, and shook the aegis, giving victory to the Trojans, but the Achaeans he drave in rout (Iliad 17.
Joe Drave also joins from a Swansea IFA company where he was a paraplanner.
Then leapt Ecthelion lord of the Fountain, fairest of the [Elves], full at Gothmog even as he raised his whip, and his helm that had a spike upon it he drave into that evil breast, and he twined his legs about his foeman's thighs; and the Balrog yelled and fell forward; but those two dropped into the basin of the king's fountain which was very deep.
Steve Drave, Partner of Capital Markets, Middle East, at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said: "We have seen a marked improvement generally in the capital markets since this time last year with a pick-up in public debt issuances evident across the region including a strengthening appetite for Dubai paper more recently.
Having spy'd their opportunity, they drave a naile into his temples, of which wound immediatly he dyed.
Aunque en menor numero y extension, en la vertiente Sur hubo los del Lago Mayor, los que llegaban a los lagos de Como e Iseo procedentes de las laderas del San Gotardo, y otros varios que dejaron en el valle del Po muchas colinas con materiales morrenicos, de igual modo que en la parte oriental en los valles de los rios Inn, Drave y Save.
Les chansons qu'il achete donnent generalement la parole au monde rural, en decrivant l'imaginaire du monde rural (celui des chantiers, de la drave, du temps des fetes, etc.
When one is trying to reconstruct the sequence as it might have been originally performed, the most obvious solution is to ignore the stage direction completely and have the Romans be driven through a tiring house door, a choice justified by the fact that the direction is taken directly from North's Plutarch: 'So the Coriolans making small accompt of them that laye in campe before the citric, made a salye out apon them, in the which at the first the Coriolans had the better, and drave the Romaines back againe into the trenches of their Campe'.
folded in river clay, the boat on the hilltop lying East-West facing upwards Right hand on Right shoulder Left arm across the body gradients of sleep, to die, to dream, or mean/beyond his feet to the East a row of three circular pits or stake-holes dawn trap as the compass arc closes southwards and the heart is secured by azimuth, all terrors past: She only drave me to dispaire/dead child, cancelled future in a satellite cloak hovering to SE.
As the passage from the Gospel of John recounts it, Jesus "made a scourge of smale cordes, & drave them all out of the Temple .