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John William, English chemist, 1811-1882. See: Draper law.
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It was Draper's third victory in the competition, having also sent out Farloe Hack in 2004.
Drapers' Hall, an early 19th century Grade IIlisted building, on Bayley Lane, has been empty and mostly unused for nearly 30 years - but it now being turned into a vibrant music venue and education centre in time for Coventry's year as City of Culture in 2021.
Critique: A deftly crafted and inherently compelling work of historical fiction, "Drapers Forge" reveals novelist Richard Sims' genuine flair as narrative driven storyteller.
The Queen is official head or patron of hundreds of organisations but she's only a member of three - and the Drapers are one of them.
Eric Williams said: "These really are the 'Oscars' of our industry so to be nominated for a Drapers' Award is a great honour.
One of the Drapers' four grandchildren was lucky enough to preview her grandparents' film at a festival in Santa Barbara, Calif., in January.
Leeswood mum-of-two Sharon Draper was jailed for 12 months.
Mechanical and Organizational Innovation: The Drapers and the Automatic Loom The Draper Company's commitment to research and development was unparalleled among other nineteenth-century American manufacturers in older industries.
The association of the Drapers with this area ofCoventry goes back to Coventry's late medieval heyday when it was the fourth largest city in the country, its wealth based on the production of highly-prized wool and woollen cloth.
THE first images of how Coventry's historic Drapers Hall will look following its multi-million pound restoration have been unveiled.