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John William, English chemist, 1811-1882. See: Draper law.
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You, Sharon Draper, principally committed, and you, Martin Draper, assisted, knowing full well the circumstances in which Florence Jean Shakeshaft lived.
Speaking directly to Sharon Draper, the judge added: ``When you came into her life, she was a lady in her late 80s and the money was her life savings.
The judge added: ``I am fully satisfied that you, Martin Draper, knew you were dealing with the money of an old lady who lived in a council flat.
Mr Potter said Mrs Draper had lost her good character as a result of her conviction and would find it difficult to find work in the future.
Another factor, though not one that mitigates, is that Mrs Shakeshaft was unaware she was a victim of deception and had no real insight what she, Sharon Draper, had done, '' said Mr Potter Andrew Jebb, for Martin Draper, also urged leniency to prevent the couple's two children, aged 13 and 11, from being apart from their parents for too long.
Sharon Draper (left) and her estranged husband Martin Draper are led away to start their jail terms
11) At that time the Drapers reorganized the settlement solely for the purpose of manufacturing textile equipment.
The Drapers formed two other copartnerships in 1856 with Joseph Bancroft, George Draper's brother-in-law.
The Drapers were part of an active, but changing, business environment.
Even when they pooled patents, as with Dutcher, the Drapers maintained overall patent control.
As early as 1870, the Drapers operated a separate department for research and testing, and they continued to diversify their control of patented textile parts.
Six years after visiting Chanel Modes, Virginia opened the Draper Studio of Modes on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.