Dragon's Mouth

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Dragon's Mouth,

n.pr a Shiatsu technique in which the practitioner uses the same hand to simultaneously stabilize the limb being worked on and to apply pressure with the first knuckle of the index finger.
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Dragon's Mouth.
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Impossible, and yet I seem to be dropped in the basket like a cut flower trembling on its stem; am arranged with the others by a pilot who keeps firing from a tank of gas an ear-blasting dragon's mouth of heat unbearable to look at; and straight as an elevator the montgolfiere lifts in unfettered calm.
his sisters, and brother Shiva, who died in 1985 -- author of Fireflies and Beyond the Dragon's Mouth -- were grilled by their father -- a journalist and short story writer -- in vocabulary and comprehension.
Plume Fog (KFNPJ) - delivers a tight plume effect with superior throw, this nozzle is perfect for bursting fog effects such as rocket blasts, smoke from a dragon's mouth or an erupting volcano.
BRAVE: This young knight put his head into the dragon's mouth
Snapdragon (Antirrhinum), have lots of colour and the kids will enjoy pinching the blossom gently to make the dragon's mouth open.
When the dragon's mouth opens, Graves will be discovered sitting in a hot red chaise lounge resting on the dragon's tongue.
This has a variety of slides, including one where the kids shoot out of a dragon's mouth, and a family of life-sized elephants spouting water.
Dragon's Mouth Barley Wine is the first in a series of bottle-conditioned "Cellar Reserve" beers from Grand Teton Brewing Co.