Dragendorff reagent

Dra·gen·dorff re·a·gent

a reagent used in the detection of alkaloids.
[Georg Dragendorff]
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The extracts were analyzed using silica gel thin layer chromatographic plates 20 x 20 cm from Sigma and submitted a quantitative analysis of the secondary metabolites, consisted in the spraying of distinct chromatographic plaques containing the extracts as reagent Lieberman-Burchard, Fe[Cl.sub.3], Al[Cl.sub.3], the foam test and Dragendorff reagent, to evaluate the presence of steroids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins and alkaloids.
Whole fresh leaves at different developing stages were separately put on a glass slide and dyed with a few drops of improving Dragendorff reagent for 2-4 minutes.
The leaf sections were covered with a few drops of improving Dragendorff reagent for 20-30 seconds.
Both capitate trichomes (Figure 2(a)) and peltate trichomes (Figure 2(b)) were orange after dyed with Dragendorff reagent. The epidermis of leaves was colourless.
S3, Dragendorff reagent, prepared as in Clarke [11]
S6, iodinated Dragendorff reagent: 5 g of potassium iodide, 2 g of iodine, and 0.2 g of bismuth subnitrate (Sigma B9009) mixed in water, followed by 0.5 mL each of glacial acetic acid and concentrated HCI, and brought to 250 mL with deionized water