Dr. Strong

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system, indicating the need for physical assistance or restraint, calling all nearby physically capable personnel (orderlies, police or security officers, EMTs or fire fighters, etc.) to report and be ready to move a patient who fell down and cannot get up or to 'capture and restrain' an uncooperative patient
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Each state insisted on pursuing its own investigation in spite of the fact that so many had previously licensed me, and I was even more surprised that each state raised different, but legitimate questions," said Dr.
The subplot involving "the May-December marriage" between sixty-two-year-old Dr.
Because a number of reported adverse effects overlapped with symptoms of influenza-like illness (for example, nausea), Dr.
Providers want to do a good job, but feel they are not doing a good job when a queue of waiting clients develops," says Dr.
Here again, the contrast with David is instructive in regards to Dickens's own conflicted rendition of gender: on the one hand, the famous author insists that his alter-ego is as subsumed in his love for his feminine companion as is Dr.
Leslie Berkman, a reporter for the Orange County edition of the Los Angeles Times, said she went to the hotel the day before to cover the meeting and was met by Dr.
Duped into being transported to another planet called Inam'Ra, Dr.
Sudden death on the athletic field "is a very uncommon problem, but it can occur," said Dr.
They just don't, at least not to any significant degree," observed Dr.
This is a real disease that is increasing by leaps and bounds in the pediatric population," declared Dr.
That left ventricular impulse will be knocking your hand off of the chest," said Dr.