Dr. Jack Kevorkian

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A retired Detroit pathologist and self-proclaimed ‘obitiatrist’, who invented a ‘self-execution machine’. Kevorkian was a constroversial figure instrumental in crystallising the debate in the US about a person’s right to die
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Kaplan et al., (2002) studied 93 of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's cases to understand an individual's choice for PAS.
Anti-euthanasia advocates cheered the decision of a Michigan judge to sentence Dr. Jack Kevorkian to 10 to 25 years in prison for his role in the death of a patient suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease.
In a piece about Dr. Jack Kevorkian and assisted suicide, he raises the familiar point that a major cause of Kevorkian's success is the failure of physicians to offer adequate pain management.
First there was Dr. Jack Kevorkian with his very high-profile mobile suicide service.
* March 8, 1996 - Dr. Jack Kevorkian, prosecuted under a now-expired Michigan law, is acquitted of criminal activity for assisting in the suicides of two patients.
Now, about Warrington Colescott's cartoon on page 7, which takes a gratuitous swipe at Dr. Jack Kevorkian (not Kervorkian).
Nowhere has the issue of assisted suicide received more national attention than in Michigan, where Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been present at 21 suicides since 1990.
The much-discussed case of Dr. Jack Kevorkian illustrates too grimly the consequences of our ignorance about suffering in general and terminal pain in particular.
It is against this background that we must view Dr. Jack Kevorkian's crusade for physician-assisted suicide as a state-approved "right" and "treatment." Since Kevorkian's recent announcement that he has abandoned his campaign of law defiance, and instead has undertaken a campaign of "law reform," he is more dangerous than ever.
In the 1990's, euthanasia activist Dr. Jack Kevorkian put the term on the map when he helped more than 130 people end their lives.
Medical community involvement with suicide became a social issue in the late 1980s with the actions of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He assisted the terminally ill, helping them die -- prior to his eight-year incarceration on second-degree murder charges.
Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): Al Pacino is set to step into the shoes of Dr. Jack Kevorkian as he plays the role of the well-known euthanasia activist in a new TV movie.